• Take the work out of eating healthy and give the staff at Green Lean & Clean a call today no matter what your health or weight training goals may be.

    John Salter, 2016
  • It's awesome that this service is offered in our area. If you're thinking about giving it a try, I say go for it. You won't be disappointed!
    Thank you GLC!!!

    Sherlyn Lucas
  • This place is awesome! I began ordering meals at the Wilmington, NC location this week. Everything is delicious, well-seasoned, and very filling. I ordered 10 of the 4 oz. meals (4 oz. each of meat, vegetable, and clean starch) this week and have been incredibly satisfied with all of them. They also have a la carte breakfast items, and the sweet potato pancakes are seriously the best pancakes I’ve ever had. It is so nice not to think about grocery shopping or preparing healthy meals. I wish I had ordered more for this weekend, because I will miss not having them. I made up for that by ordering meals for the whole week next week. You can place weekly or monthly orders for pickup or delivery. I am excited for this to be part of my healthy lifestyle goals. Their customer service has been top-notch. I agree with the other reviewer. This was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve made!

    Kim McGrew
  • My hubby and I heard about this place from friends a few months ago and finally decided to try it. We both have big appetites and ordered the 6oz plan and we are completely satisfied, actually stuffed at times. The food is DELICIOUS and we are saving ourselves time and money. It’s helping us try and eat new veggies. We plan on being with this company long term.

    Tyisha Sellars
  • Just received my first meal from the Washington location, and OMG!! The food is delicious and more than enough for one meal (I actually couldn't eat all of it at one sitting!). I ordered the 4 oz meals. I will definitely be a long term customer with Green, Lean & Clean!

    Katherine Bolton
  • Seriously the best food ever! I went to ECU for undergrad and moved to the Triangle and I still use GLC!! Yet to find a place that comes close to quality and price. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Kelsey Cossio
  • This food is amazing! I got the 4oz and it was plenty to fill me up and absolutely delicious! I can't wait until dinner tonight when I get to eat another GLC meal!!!!

    Andrea Croley
  • Very impressed with GLC!! I tried it first and now my husband is on board too. The food is very flavorful and gives us all different options for the week. No more grocery store stress and we are eating healthier!! 5 stars and two thumbs up!!

    Lindsay Schram Crecelius
  • Just picked up our first 10 meals today. I love that there are vegetarian and portion size options. Everything is cooked fresh too! What a great addition to Wilmington!

    Alea Burke Jenkins
  • Amazing! Got 5 of the 4oz meals for lunch options. This will be my go to lunch. I suck and meal prep and they're so good at it I don't need to!

    Dawn Singletary Dowell
  • I finally gave in and gave GLC a try this week. I’m so glad I did! I’ve only had 2 out of 5 meals I purchased and I know I will be buying many more! Thank you GLC for delicious healthy food.

    Alicia Horne
  • Got my first order yesterday from the Wilmington location and so far everything has been delicious! The sweet potatoes pancakes are amazing! I'm hooked already and cant wait to try more. Love this place!

    Samantha Lovitt
  • Not only do we love the convenience but most importantly we love the food! Thank you for what you do!

    Tara Wilson Boyette
  • The food is great and I'm losing weight from eating it and exercising. It's one of the best decisions I ever made. I use the one in Washington and it's very easy to order online and pick up. I highly recommend this place!

    Jason Owen Boyd
  • I’m a first time customer and had my first meal tonight and it was delicious! All the staff I had interactions with were very friendly and helpful! I will definitely be ordering again!

    Erin Collins
  • Excellent food and excellent service! Will customize your order to what you want/need! Can't ask for anything better than that!

    Caroline Dodson Overby
  • Just got my first delivery and ate my first meal!!! DELISH! So excited to use this service!

    Jenny Wayne Burnett
  • Healthy and delicious! Great as a gift also for friends or family to save them from having to cook

    Jessica Mitchell
  • It’s been delicious and Jared is so friendly at pick up! The sweet potato pancakes are Ah-mazing!

    Brooke Banson Vallely
  • Just had my first meal and I must say it was amazing! Super flavor and the 4oz portion size was just the right amount of food. It's awesome that this service is offered in our area. If you're thinking about giving it a try I say go for it, you won't be disappointed! Thank you GLC !!!

    Sherlyn Lucas
  • Just ate the salmon cakes with Brussels sprouts and rice. Was definitely the best salmon I have had. So glad we found this place and can't wait to start getting meals from you all every week.

    Joshua Walker
  • Food is great!!!! Very concerned about the customer being satisfied!

    Robin Keech
  • Just finished the last meal from last weeks delivery! I am so pleased at the delicious and hearty portions! I can't wait to try next weeks! This is going to be great for meals this summer when I don't have time to make my own with keeping the kids busy!!! Great job GLC!!!!

    Jenifer Kendall
  • I just finished my first meal and it was excellent. The mushroom bisque was nearly perfect and I'm sure I'll figure out the timing for microwaving this stuff. This is a great service for people who have a hard time leaving the office.

    Jon Yuhas
  • This is our second week of GLC & I can't say enough about how wonderful the meals have been so far. I even have folks trying the vegetarian dishes & loving them!! The customer service has also been stellar. I would gladly recommend them to anyone!

    Beverly Aycock
  • This place is awesome! Good food! Highly recommend!

    Luciana Kimus Wilson
  • The customer service they provide is personal yet professional. Overall this is a great business with really nice people and a solid product.

    Donna Marie Natosi
  • The food is absolutely amazing! Have yet to try anything that I didn't love. My wife is not a "spicy food person" but she has eaten everything, even some of the spicy, and it caused her no issues, which is highly unusual! The customer service is way better than 5 Stars! Have tried other "clean meal prep" services -- no comparison! GLC is the only way to go! And when you factor in the cost for the meals, I would give them 10 STARS if if could! Good job, guys!!! Thanks for making my life and my health better!

    Ken Pruitt
  • I just had my first meal and it was amazing! Quick and easy! I am looking forward to my weekly orders so that I can start a healthier lifestyle! Thanks so much GLC!

    Lin Respess
  • I just had my first meal and it was amazing! Quick and easy! I am looking forward to my weekly orders so that I can start a healthier lifestyle! Thanks so much GLC!

    Tammy Bonta
  • This makes healthy eating easy and convenient. I love having these meals as lunches for work. Excellent! Would recommend to anyone trying to eat better and don't have a lot of time to cook

    Beth Vincent
  • Got my first delivery this week. The food is amazing, there is nothing I don't like, even the vegetarian dishes. I am amazed and very happy.

    Ann Marie Ciseros
  • Thrilled! Amazingly delicious, healthy food with amazing variety and flavors. Thank you!

    Bonnie Briceno
  • I can workout with no problems but was constantly making poor food choices, these meals are the perfect thing to take me to the next level! Thank you!

    Karyn Bragman
  • Just ordered for the first time and it is truly phenomenal!! Anyone trying to eat healthy but feel they don't have time to cook, GLC is the way to go!

    Jessica Bailey
  • I love this food! Tasted great! They deliver fresh food to your house. No more cooking!! Saves money at grocery store too! Healthy food! Diet begins!!

    Kelly Stackhouse Weiss
  • I've been using Green, Lean & Clean for a few weeks and love it. There's variety in my meals, they're delicious, they deliver, and I don't have to cook! Amazing!

    Vanessa Lorizzo
  • Great Food! Full of flavor, portions are great! Prices are are reasonable & delivery is on time. Thanks guys

    Bucky Allsbrook
  • 3 weeks in a row eating from here. I have not been disappointed in anything! Great seasoning to help make healthy food good!

    Melissa Harrington Smith
  • Very impressed with how great the food is and the selection that was provided!

    Jenna Williams
  • I'm already addicted to your food even after only 5 meals! I've become your unofficial spokesperson to everyone I know and give you a shout out anytime someone asks me what I'm eating!!!!!

    Kristin Faircloth Lupton
  • All of the food is so yummy! The oatmeal pancakes are my favorite.

    Nicole Creech
  • Love this company! It was so easy to order my meals. I was done in 2 minutes and I loved how I got to tell them what I like and do not like. Can't wait to get my meals!!

    Ashely Evers
  • GLC meals are incredible! I'm a vegetarian and every week I am amazed at the delicious meals they create!

    Julie Nelson Robey
  • Wonderful! The food is absolutely delicious. It's hard to believe it's good for you!

    Brandy Wade Talton
  • Absolutely worth it. I will be ordering more.. I am so excited to have my meals prepped for me and the taste is AMAZING.

    RoseMary Westbrook
  • Just had our first meal —sooo good! Love this concept!

    Erin Jackson
  • Love love love GLC! Convenient, professional, and affordable! Not to mention tastes amazing!

    Billie Papuchis
  • Makes eating healthy so easy and enjoyable! Love all the meals!

    Sarah Peek Bystrack
  • I am on my second week!! Loving it! Especially the convenience!!

    Christy Peace
  • Had our first meal tonight and was overwhelmed how good it was!

    Tee Davies
  • Great taste and quality, super convenient and made to order!

    Francesko Shyti
  • Delicious!! Will definitely be buying more of these.

    Tatum Haselden
  • Had my first meal tonight. Cooked, ate, and cleaned up in under 30 minutes. The convenience alone is well worth it, not to mention the food was great.

    Jason Bridgers
  • Excellent service and the meals are sooooo good. It makes life so easy to be health-conscious while saving time.

    Rachel Bridgers
  • Can not express how satisfied I am with there food. Keep up the good work and you definitely have another customer.

    Jonathan Bell
  • We had our first meals tonight. I am impressed!! I love the variety!! Very pleased and full!! We got 6 oz. ... perfect!!

    Angel Leigh Edwards
  • So impressed and happy about this! I am such a picky eater and the thought of meal prepping drains me...not to mention I hate cooking. Just received my 2nd week of meals... look even more delicious than the last!

    Ashley Ashton
  • I just used this for the first time and let me tell you......AMAZING!!! DELICIOUS!!!! I tell myself every week that I'm going to meal but then NEVER have the time. This place is the answer! This food is awesomely good, a great variety and exceptional customer service!

    Jazett Lewis Shivers
  • GLC makes my week so much easier! When it comes to eating healthy my toughest decision is which meal to eat today because they are all amazing! Excellent customer service, great prices and it comes right to my door. THE. BEST.

    Kimrey Isley Miko
  • For everyone that hates to meal prep and eattin the same thing all week. The food is great and the owners are nice people.

    Teresa Rowe
  • The food was delicious and well prepared! Credit card payments were easy. Delivery service was prompt and polite! Ecstatic to find them! Definitely make our life easier!

    Brandi Serig
  • Such a treat to have healthy food like this delivered!

    Cara Singleton
  • So far so good. I've worked out regularly for forever but never seemed to get eating down. This makes life easier. It is truly a time saver that I don't have to do. Who wants to spend a day cooking all your meals for the week? I don't...my days off are precious. Lost weight just in week one....save yourself some time and energy and let them do the work so you can spend more time outside, at the gym, however you wanna spend it!

    Caroline Hedgepeth
  • I received my 1st delivery today. I'm testing the vegetarian meatballs, green beans and black beans on my 15 year old son. He said he like everything.

    Tonya Gray
  • Received my meals last night. Very responsive and quick delivery. Having my first meal for lunch now and it is wonderful!!

    Dana Winslow Norvell