Welcome to Green, Lean & Clean Dietary Meal Delivery! Thank you for choosing GLC to provide you with healthy, portioned, hassle-free meals delivered to you. We are excited for you to join the growing community of GLC clients who strive to live a healthy lifestyle by staying active and eating healthy. To ensure you have the most enjoyable experience with GLC we have provided a few pointers to keep your meals fresh, healthy, and delicious.

  • Check all boxes to ensure lids are securely sealed.

  • Refrigerate meals immediately upon receiving.

  • Keep meals at 41 Degrees F or below to maintain quality and freshness.

  • Check label for protein and expiration date.

  • Microwave meals with lid secured for 2 1⁄2 to 3 minutes (times vary by microwave & elevation).

  • Note products you do not like when placing your next order. This will help to ensure all your meals are to your liking.

  • Please place order by at least 12pm the day prior to your delivery day.

  • Delivery days vary by location and are first come first serve, and we can’t guarantee your preferred delivery day.

  • Please contact us to prepay for your order (via Venmo or credit card- Visa, MC, Discover) or pay via cash or check (license required) upon delivery.

  • Share your photos and promote GLC via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Follow us on social media to stay updated and learn about promotions.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone with any and all questions, concerns, and feedback. Your feedback is valued and will only help GLC provide you the best service and meals possible!

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