Green, Lean & Clean, LLC is a healthy, local meal prep delivery service located in Wilmington serving eastern and central North Carolina. Every meal is cooked the day of your delivery or pick-up, always fresh, and never any of that frozen junk. Each fresh, never frozen meal includes a green vegetable, lean protein, and clean starch in portions to meet your fitness and health goals. We offer 4 different size boxes. 4oz, 6oz, 8oz & 10oz. Each GLC meal includes equal ounce portions of a vegetable, protein, and starch (i.e., the 4-ounce meal includes 4 ounces of green veggie, lean protein, and clean starch totaling 12 ounces, hence Green Lean and Clean). Our team caters to all vegan and vegetarian needs as well as dietary restrictions and allergies. Our vegetarian/vegan products are prepared based on local availability and seasonal trends. Our head chef is constantly shopping locally and organic to find our client’s new products to allow for the utmost variety. We also offer healthy snacks, breakfast, and soup options which you can find below, along with our core ingredient list and macro-nutrient ranges based on portion size.

Use the links below to view our variety of menu options:

  • Meal Plan Pricing & Ingredient Options
  • GLC Breakfast
  • GLC Protein Muffins and Bars
  • GLC 2021 Soups
  • Monthly Rotating Soups (check back each month for updates)
    • September 2021:
      • Healthy Creamy Chicken Wild Mushroom & Rice Soup: A healthy robust summer soup made with our all-white shredded chicken breast slowly roasted in a wild creamy wild mushroom dijon half and half base.  Made with fresh summer veggies, wild rice, red potatoes, and fresh herbs.  Perfect to replace a meal while giving you the energy and nutrients you need to recover!
    • October 2021 (starts Oct. 4):
      • Healthy Hearty Veggie Beef Soup: Browned lean ground beef and fresh seared veggies including green beans, kale, and Brussel sprouts roasted in a hearty fresh tomato base.  Made with fresh garlic and herbs makes for a great hearty and healthy fresh fall soup.
  • GLC Salads
  • GLC Bowls
  • GLC Macros Range
  • GLC Family Style Menu