Competition Update!

Raleigh Ruckus January 5, 2020: 1st place Open and Submaster

Squat 200kg/441lbs
Bench 100.5kg/221.6lbs
Deadlift 213kg/469.6lbs
Total 513.5kg/ 1132.2lbs

Kelley Spohrer is a Pro Level Powerlifter out of New Bern, NC as well as a full-time Nurse Anesthetistand mother to a household of boys. She is married to George Spohrer, a retired Army combat veteranand meet director for USPA North Carolina competitions in this area, who also usesGreen Lean and Clean for his meet prep meals.  Their busy schedule of training/work/child raisingmake regular meal prepping a nightmare, and that’s why they’ve chosen Green Lean and Clean to provide healthy, fresh, high quality meals they can take on the run.

Kelley has most recently competed in the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival XPC Pro Finals and is currently in competition prep for USPA Raleigh Ruckus in Raleigh, NC on January 4th. They anticipate shattering all of her previous best competition lifts in the Classic Raw Division, which included: Squat 413.3lbs, Bench Press 210lbs, Deadlift 462.9lbs.

She has utilized Green Lean and Clean Meal Preps for the past two years to manipulate her weight up and down as training and competitions demand. Every time a change in diet or macro’s was indicated, there was no issue with adjusting the meal preps accordingly to accommodate.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Green Lean and Clean! They provide delicious, fresh meals with so much variety that we never get bored with the meal combinations. I know that I am getting high quality, never frozen meals that help me maintain rigorous training programs after working 10-12hr days in the operating room. We have very little time to eat at work so popping in a GLC meal to heat for 2-3 minutes makes my eating schedule relaxing and predictable. Which is a huge deal if you’re tracking your food and need to make sure you hit certain macro’s throughout the day.

My husband and I have tried to meal prep on our own in the past and there’s no way we could come up with the variety that Green Lean and Clean provides with fresh not frozen ingredients at their cost. There was no question about meal prepping again when we made the switch to GLC. They even offer a military discount, which always speaks to us as a military friendly company and makes us more likely to recommend to family and friends. Give Green Lean and Clean a try and I promise you’ll never look back.”