The name Derek Brunson may sound familiar to you. He is a professional UFC fighter (Middle Weight Division) who constantly punishes his opponents including 12 fights ending in first round knock outs! Derek’s opponents fear his striking capabilities, quick knock outs, and submission holds. His favorite technique knocks outs, has helped him achieve a 16-4 record.

Derek has been a professional MMA fighter since 2010 and been fighting in UFC since 2012.

He puts infinite hours in the gym and uses Green, Lean, & Clean’s (GLC) fresh, healthy meals to achieve his performance goals whether it be gaining muscle mass or cutting weight to prepare for a fight. Derek’s body recovers faster, and he understands the added benefits of consuming fresh over frozen meals. He loves the variety of GLC meals, and how each green vegetable, lean protein, and clean starch keeps his body in ideal shape to train dirty and fight harder.

I love Green Lean & Clean’s food because I know it is good clean food that is never frozen and cooked fresh the day I get my food delivered. They come all the way from Washington NC to deliver my food in Wilmington, and the convenience is unmatched. I do not have to leave the gym or my house, I know the GLC staff will deliver my meals wherever I am at! The portion sizes are great and will cater to whatever I am trying to achieve, gaining muscle mass, losing weight it’s covered and as a professional UFC fighter, I am constantly adjusting my diet to train and fight at the highest level. The clean food gives me plenty of energy for my demanding training regimen it helps me train efficiently. It pretty much takes a step out of my preparation because I do not have to cook or even think about my food, Chef Christian Brown at Green Lean & Clean does that for me. I no longer have to worry about what is going into my body and the food tastes amazing. Most other health products I have to force down but not with Green Lean & Clean, food is great! I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at GLC they make eating healthy so easy!

Derek Brunson, 2016

Green, Lean, & Clean is perfect for Derek to cater to his changing nutrient, calorie, and portion size needs as he prepares for his next fight.  GLC allows him to change his needs weekly if he needs to increase muscle mass or lean out to reach his competitive weight.  Take it from Derek Brunson, the two-time UFC Fight of the Night athlete – use Green Lean & Clean healthy, never frozen, made fresh daily meals to reach all your health goals!

GLC meals are never frozen but cooked fresh daily, and can be delivered straight to your door or pickup from our store front in Washington.