36y/o Single Mom/Nurse Anesthetist out of New Bern, NC


Kelley is a full time single mother to a rambunctious pre-school boy (who also loves the gym),is a full time Nurse Anesthetist at Vidant Duplin Hospital in Kenansville, NC, and still finds time to work out constantly because she competes nationally and locally in the Competitive Female Powerlifting circuit!  To say she stays busy would be a complete understatement, and she stays after it from sun up till well after sundown.  Kelley knows her nutrition is half the battle when it comes to her powerlifting and she always struggled to find time to do her own meal prep.  Then she found Green Lean & Clean and immediately knew it was perfect for her.  She knows it is the freshest meal prep company around, can work on her individual needs day to day, week to week, or month to month.  She also knows Green Lean& Clean saves her priceless time because not only do we do all the prep, but we also deliver it to her wherever she may need them be that the gym, work, or home.

Kelley is an absolute gym rat and ranked 4th Nationally as a competitive female powerlifter in her division/weight class as noted by powerliftingwatch.com. This ranking is based on a combined total pounds from her best squat (369 lbs), best bench (154 lbs) and best deadlift (418.9 lbs). She also holds many State, American and World records across the various federations she’s competed in.  While she is proud of these accomplishments, she’s driven to smash all those records and more in 2018 and has taken on a savage training regimen to do so. Green, Lean & Clean keeps her nutrition on point daily, enabling her to recover properly and gain the muscle/strength necessary to accomplish her goals. In addition to killing the powerlifting scene.  She also realized that GLC is the only meal prep company offering total variety, caters to any diet, and offers vegetarian and vegan options.


“Before I found Green, Lean & Clean my only meal prep options were frozen (aka extremely freezer burned) meals or attempting to make my own in whatever small amount of free time I have.  Green Lean & Clean is always fresh, made the day I receive the meals, and absolutely never frozen.  My problem is I get extremely bored with eating the same protein/vegetable/carb combo when I make my own meal prep. The lack of variety had me reaching for pizza far too regularly. Thankfully, Green, Lean & Clean has COMPLETELY changed the meal prep game!!! They prepare EVERYTHING fresh the morning of my delivery, so I know I am getting the freshest meals I can possibly get, and no two meal combinations are the same so variety isn’t ever an issue! Not only is the variety great, the meals are prepared by an award winning Chef! I couldn’t be a successful CRNA, an awesome mother and train as intensely as I do without them.”