John Salter, MMA fighter, is a forced to be reckoned with and is currently ranked 2nd in the world in the Bellator series (185 weight class).  Mr. Salter is moving up in the ranks, and working towards his first title. In December 2016, John won with a first round TKO at the 1:40 mark.  He has a 13-3 record of crushing opponents by knock out and submission holds.

John has been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet, and exercise since a young age.  At 12 he began training in wrestling with a career including 2002 High School State Champion, and 2007 NAIA Wrestling Champion (174 weight class). He has maintained this healthy lifestyle and dedication to his craft into adulthood.  The ultimate professional athlete, John, only puts the cleanest and freshest ingredients in his body, and chooses Green, Lean, & Clean (GLC) to prepare his meals. He knows what is needed to keep his body in shape and fueled to train and compete at the highest level.  Green, Lean, & Clean is the only meal prep company he trusts to make his meals healthy using fresh ingredients and cooked fresh daily.

Green Lean & Clean is a great, easy way to eat clean and train dirty!  I put my body through rigorous training regimens on a daily basis so I need fuel to keep my body ticking on all cylinders to compete and train the way a pro would.  GLC is convenient, they deliver to my house, work or gym.  The meals are fantastic and help me train longer and harder.  It frees my time up because I know longer have to cook or even worry about my diet.  The staff at Green Lean & Clean do all the worrying about my diet, whether that be cutting weight to fight or gaining muscle mass.  I mean, the staff goes to work at 3:30 am just to prepare meals the right way, I cannot ask for more than that.  I think the most important part of the process is that I work with a world-renowned chef, Christian Brown, which no other meal prep company has.  He makes sure my fresh healthy meals, are cooked fresh the day it is delivered, has plenty of variety, and the food is so good it doesn’t even compare to other companies.  There is really no contest, Green Lean & Clean is the way to go no matter if you compete, want to become healthier, or just like watching what you eat to stay in shape and looking good.  Cutting weight has never been easier and my body recovers a whole lot faster after joining the GLC team.  I also am able to maintain my weight easier than I have ever been able to do, which is huge because I burn so many calories the way I train.  Green Lean & Clean has the best product and could not recommend them enough.

John Salter, 2016

John Salter feels fortunate to be able to partner with GLC to fuel his body while saving time on meal prep. His first pick is Green, Lean, & Clean and recommends these meals to any individual who wants to eat healthy, never frozen meals delivered straight to your door. GLC meals are never frozen but cooked fresh daily, and can be delivered straight to your door or pick-up from our store front in Washington.

Take the work out of eating healthy and give the staff at Green Lean & Clean a call today no matter what your health or weight training goals may be.

John Salter, 2016