Jamie Pickett has been a professionals MMA fighter since 2009, and continues to be the topic of MMA conversations as he moves up in the ranks. His fierce reputation makes it difficult to find competitors whoare willing and able to take on the challenge. Jamie wants the best fueling his body, and only trusts Green, Lean, & Clean (GLC) meals to maintain his diet and excel his body in the gym and the ring.

Jamie’s nutritious yet strict diet and relentless training regimen attribute to his winning record. In limited action, he is 7-2 with five striking TKOs, one KO submission, and one unanimous decision. He has a diverse wrestling and martial arts background including training in kickboxing since 12, and the achievement of a brown belt in Jujitsu. Jamie’s years of varying experience, rigorous training, and dedication to the best he can be has set him up to succeed and continue to enhance his career.

In addition to Jamie’s athletic career, he has been a personal trainer for four years providing him the knowledge to understand the value of a clean, nutritious, balanced diet, and how maintaining such a lifestyle will helphis clients reach their fitness goals.

Along with the food being great and the fresh healthy meals that keep my body ready to train and compete, my favorite part is it is so easy to maintain, gain, or shred with Green Lean & Clean meals.  I am blown away how easy they make it for me to shed the pounds after months of bulking.  I love the fact that I do not have to measure my macros, they do it for me.  All I have to do is reach in my bag or fridge and pull one out, eat, then train.  No more cooking or counting calories, just three minutes and my food is hot and ready to eat.  I fight at 185 and I have always had a challenge when it comes to cutting weight to make my class.  I normally weigh 216 but have to shed over 20lbs before every fight and Green Lean & Clean gets me there with ease.  The food is cooked fresh daily and portioned already for me which I love for multiple reasons.  I do not have to cook, worry about what is going in my body because it is always fresh with no frozen product, and cooked the day they deliver it to me.  They will deliver to my house or right to the gym, so it also saves me time and money.  Cutting weight to make my weight used to be my biggest challenge and it made me miserable.  With GLC it is easy and my body still recovers as quick as ever, and I do not have to stress about my food or trying to train on an empty stomach.  It is quick, easy and convenient.  There is no more stressing over my diet Green Lean & Clean does it to perfection and with their fresh meals I know I am getting exactly what my body needs every day. None of these other meal prep companies can do what the staff at Green Lean & Clean does and there is no substitute.  I do not like the repetitive frozen stuff these other companies offer.

Jamie Pickett, 2016

Professionals in the ring and in personal training like Jamie, spend countless hours in the gym training and preparing his or her own body as well as motivating clients to do the same.  This level of experience through book knowledge and personal gains afford Jamie to know and witness the benefits of GLC meals. Whether it be gaining muscle mass, losing weight, or maintaining, GLC has a meal plan for all walks of life.

If you want to get trained by a pro, Jamie is your guy, and you can schedule a session with him by contacting jamiepickett2988@gmail.com.  GLC meals are never frozen but cooked fresh daily, and can be delivered straight to your door or pickup from our store front in Washington.