My name is Alex Croteau, I am a fitness enthusiast who competes in Body Building, Classic Physique, and Physique competitions. I train general population transformations and athletes of all ages. I also have a worldwide competition team and absolutely love what I do! With more than 10 years of my life fully devoted to the Fitness and Health industry, my list of client’s ranges from early childhood development, through top tier mixed martial artists by way of the (UFC and Bellator), and NFL Players. With more than 1000 satisfied clients my curriculum has been shaped and perfected by clients from every walk of life. As a Certified Personal Trainer and N.A.S.M. fitness and nutrition specialist, I pride myself on understanding the science behind a healthy lifestyle and the application of proper nutrition necessary to reach any health & performance goals. If you are seriously interested in reaching your goals please feel free to Email me Follow me on Instagram @AlexCroteau22 and @VizionAthletics.

I prefer Green Lean & Clean because the freshness and quality of Green Lean & Clean is incomparable when it comes to meal prep companies. They use as much local farms product as possible and offer a variety of foods and recipes so I don’t get bored eating the same exact thing every day and week! I prefer fresh, never frozen food over frozen any day!