Skylar Woolard

Skylar Woolard


Skyler Woolard has spent the last decade as an Elite Level Power Lifter and Certified Personal Training in Greenville, North Carolina. Skyler’s years of experience and training has provided him the knowledge to know his client’s and his own needs to fuel their bodies to reach maximum potential. His dedication and commitment to keeping himself and his clients on track to stay healthy and fit is apparent. Skyler spends countless hours at the gym working out, competing in competitions around the U.S., and training clients. Green, Lean, and Clean (GLC) keeps Skyler’s body fueled allowing him to maximize his time with clients while also keeping his body and mind prepped for optimal workout sessions and topnotch performance at competitions.

Skyler’s Elite Level Power Lifer career has ranged in weight classes from 220 pounds all the way up to the 308 pounds.
His paramount max-outs in squats (800 lbs.), dead lifts (650 lbs.), and bench press (425 lbs.) are attributed to his devotion to keeping his body in prime shape through training and a healthy, balanced diet. Since starting GLC meals Skyler has experienced the benefits of a prepared, nutritious, balanced diet, including quicker recovery after a hard workout and the ability to boost his performance for superior results.

In addition to his competitive weight lifting career, Skyler has been a Certified Personal Trainer for over ten years, and works with his clients to reach his/her individual goal(s) which include losing weight, gaining muscle mass, and
maintaining. Regardless of the goal, he recommends GLC to all of his clients because he is living proof of the benefits and ability to reach one’s goals through eating balanced, nutrient-rich, quality food that is cooked fresh daily and never frozen. Green, Lean, and Clean is his preferred choice to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and better prepare his clients and his own body and mind to achieve all fitness goals.

Career Highlights